Seven kinds of the most effective lazy way to lose weight

1 cucumber egg method

Meal eat cucumbers and eggs, instead of 3 meals, adhere to seven days, the package you thin, but when you will particularly miss Laoganma flavor. It is a good way to scrape oil.

Principle: cucumber flesh crisp and juicy, delicious fragrance, it contains pectin, acid and biological activity of enzymes, can promote metabolism, can treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies. Cucumber can heat diuretic and prevent constipation. Fresh cucumber contains alcohol acid, can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so eat cucumbers for weight loss and prevention of coronary heart disease is highly desirable.

2, NFAM law

More than three in the afternoon to eat anything, of course, they also can not eat Mengchi ah, so one week can lean several kilograms.

Principle: rest at night, human consumption of less energy, excessive intake of energy used to turn to fat accumulation up. Note this method is breakfast and lunch must eat eat, add the necessary nutrients the day.

Health Tip: If you really hungry, you can drink plenty of water, or eat an apple.

3, do not eat meals France

Eat meals a day, three meals a day as part of the milk, the girl drank a very good, but attention is sugar-free, oh, it is best to buy their own Soymilk, every day his own play, easy and cheap.

Principle: milk main squeeze soybeans are rich in high-quality vegetable protein, in addition to soy protein, also rich in soy isoflavones (Isoflavone), soybean glycosides (Saponin) and other ingredients. These ingredients can inhibit lipid and carbohydrate absorption in vivo, to play the effect of burning body fat. Therefore, from the moment of drinking milk after digestion → absorption → burn fat at all stages of these active ingredients can play a slimming effect of it all is! >>> Four secret skills to drink soy milk Easy Weight Loss

4, Apple diet

Eat two days Apple and moderation normal diet three days, so that several cycles, good results.

Obesity are almost always due to food leaving the stomach expansion, beyond the control of appetite. Apple diet can stomach shrink after weight loss becomes easy to control, and taste become normal, not like spicy food or greasy food.

Apple diet can promote blood generated within white blood cells and improve the body’s resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, help and beauty. The benefits of eating apples is not starving to lose weight, hungry eat apples.Because it is low-calorie foods, no matter how much to eat, they are not more than the daily intakes of calories, so weight naturally reduced. But also can improve dry skin, atopic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

5, the leaves lose weight

The lotus leaf, cassia, licorice, lemon slices, boiled soup, quantity, where appropriate, adhere to two weeks effective, every day out of the toilet more Oh.

Principle: put the leaves China since ancient times regarded as a weight-loss medicine.Because the lotus root, (lotus root) and leaves the role of a simple diuretic, laxative effect.>>> Mushrooms lotus leaf weight loss new law

6, bitter gourd diet

This trick is absolutely the pull, along with how much you eat, even to eat supper no relationship, as long as you guarantee to eat three bitter gourd every day, one week can lean at least 4 pounds, that is to wash the raw, although a bit difficult, but there are veryDetox do good stuff, eat, adversity, in order to achieve the purpose of ah!
Principle: bitter gourd contains a highly biologically active high-energy fat Su Qing, this substance act only on the body to absorb fat important parts of the small intestine, intestinal cells by changing the pore network, to prevent the absorption of fat, polysaccharides and other heat macromolecules, but it does not affect the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

This is known as “Fat Killer” effects ingredients to make the intake of fat and polysaccharide decreased by 40% -60%. >>> Eat bitter gourd, you can lose weight without dieting

7, drink diet

Eat less, eat when to put a bowl of warm water in the next, to eat things over the water to eat, it also has a good effect.

Principle: in the morning before eating breakfast a cup of white water, light honey water or add a cellulose water, able to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities for small pot appear.

Drink plenty of water before a meal reduced appetite: Many people are not really obese, but after dinner you can see the appetite of a drum capsule capsule protruding, this is the most standard Babyfat, even without eating, this little appetite suction required Gas can be concealed.

Less afternoon drink fat: obesity is the most important manifestation of fat, this is because the sedentary, high-calorie foods cause, and afternoon tea, it is people feel tired, tired of the time, but this time it is because of emotions intake of unnecessary calories vulnerable time children, of course, the price is fat. You can drink a cup of herbal tea to break up this mood because of the desire to eat something, while the smell of flowers can reduce appetite, it can be considered to eat seven full dinner laid the ambush