A good way to lose weight without medication

If you like to eat fruit,
You can lose weight eating apples to lose weight, eat apples have a sense of satiety, do not feel hungry, hungry and eat it does not matter, will not gain weight.
Yogurt is also a good weight loss products, but chose to look at the yogurt fat ≥1.0% indicated above
If high fat yogurt is not so good results (I usually eat Tianyou bifidus yogurt, bottles, there are laxative effect)
Then is the whole wheat bread, eat whole grains can also lose weight
If you eat too greasy things, you can drink tea, also helps break down fats
Greedy is chewing sugarless gum

There is go to bed early at night,
1. You can prevent uncontrolled want to eat something in the evening
2. You can go to bed at night to detoxify the body, do not stay up all night, not good for the skin

Then arrange three meals a day
You can eat in the morning, will not gain weight, but can not eat too much at lunch (remember not to eat fried or pasta), eat nutritious
8 minutes full lunch, stand for half an hour after a meal to remember
Dinner better not eat rice, drink vegetable soup, fruit, yogurt can
After 8:00 firm no longer eat


If you have constipation, a cup of honey and water in the morning when, more yogurt can also prevent constipation
At least once a day defecation, defecation is a discharge of waste in the body, the skin is good or bad is also essential.

If you go on a diet to lose weight, the speed will be fast, but the speed of the rebound too fast, because to lose mostly water, if the return to normal diet, body weight will naturally rise.
Exercise to lose weight would be more tired, but the right amount of exercise to lose weight is good for the sport to make themselves more fear or escape the heart, so do not over.
Diet + Exercise is the best


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