By improving the digestive system to retrieve flat belly.

If digestive problems, it is difficult to have a fascinating figure. But in real life, in every three women, one person suffered a problem in this regard. There are two ways to solve: water and fiber. All plant fibers are not or little affected by digestive enzymes affected. They exist in plants can be dissolved or not dissolved. Not soluble found in vegetables and fruits, focused on the surface of plants (such as wheat bran). One of the advantages of fiber that facilitates digestion by the action of water. It is best to regularly eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. But do not eat bread, crackers or whole wheat bread dry, because this will give the intestinal burden. It is wise to remember these foods gradually to your diet alone.
Learn to relax
Colon is very sensitive. Stress and psychological problems have a direct impact on it.Colon expands, full of gas, the body will feel plump. Some relaxation exercises and activities that can ease the tension (such as sports, hobbies) in favor of self-relaxation.When you feel irritable wish to try this: Take a deep breath inflate the abdomen, and then gently blow the abdomen back to its original state. Good sleep is essential, at night, like all organs of the colon and rest, so that it can work better.
Adhere to regular exercise
Sports good for shaping a flat belly. First, because sports can relieve stress, strong throughout the digestive system. The best exercise for abdominal tennis, dancing, fast backstroke. You do not like sports? Then walk 30 minutes a day, which play a positive role in digestion and muscle. If you add at least twice per week gymnastics, so much the better. You can often do the two exercises
1, lying on the ground, flexion of the legs, the legs slightly apart, your arms at your sides.Contraction of the abdomen buttocks, lift the pelvis and then down, can not touch the ground, so do it ten times. Rest one minute, and then continue to do so.
2, lying on the ground, stick with open arms, the legs perpendicular to the ground, feet to maintain flexion, back close to the ground, so as not to cause harm to the back. Rejection legs around ten times in a row. Rest one minute, and then continue to do so. 1. Flat belly tips to keep the meal slowly; 2. Do not wear clothes Le waist;
3 Do not chew gum;
4. stretch the body, such as doing once a day before going to bed.
Improving the food situation to strengthen the digestive system, smooth digestion channel; learn self-relaxation, relax the colon, by wobbling to strengthen the abdominal muscles.Believe me, back flat belly is unquestionable.