Egg-diet, not a younger colleague used.

Really effective. Three meals a day with eggsstaple food, with vegetables and fruit, a small amount of baking bread and coffee drinks a week can lose weight 5KG, does not limit the amount of eggs the first day, after day eatthree, if high cholesterol can only eat protein, protein can also be replaced with tofu, such as the need more water for the next day. This method is effective to do two weeks. Week5KG two weeks a total of 10KG. Two weeks later does not continue. Vegetable saladavailable, as no lamb instead of beef available. Insufficient consumption of tomatoes. Eggyolk contains lecithin is an emulsifier, can emulsify fat cholesterol into tiny particles, theuse of the body from the blood vessels removed. Eggs can also make high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect blood vessels to prevent hardening. From thisegg diet is a scientific basis, it is effective through practice a practical diet. Whenweighing up to standard, and then make the community such as heat and heat consumption balance, you can make lasting weight loss