Apple diet

First, each diet for two days. The third / four days to resume normal diet, and then begantwo days. The first day: Apple couple of pounds (about five or six, a maximum of more than seven). Note: The day they can eat apples, can not drink water, not yogurt, not eat anystuff! Eating apples. When eating apples washed, and then slowly a small population of a small stutter.
The next day: yogurt or skim milk 1000ML (less than four pounds) into sixty-seven equal parts, each a drink. Drink milk throughout the day. Not eat any other stuff. Especially not even drink water. Thirsty to drink only milk. (Also milk, yogurt drink at the same, but pay attention to the amount)
If not for the shelter, then two days off will be thin three five pounds! Principle: Apple a small degree of stuttering slow the hungryThis apple milk diet is a medical journal on the board, there is some scientific basis. Can not drink water, because if we lose weight during the intake of the water, so be sure toconsume the body of water intake, and do not consume the body of water, apple daywithout water, basically the body of water is reduced , to the date milk, water reduction ofalmost, will reduce fat. Therefore, milk day is very important, can not drink water, not forshelter. If the cycle several times, weight can certainly down. And will more effectively losebody fat. This method can be executed on the weekend, as the bowel a good way to lose weight.