Green Beauty

In Chinese medicine, “the body’s most natural state of equilibrium” as the rule, from the yin and yang, true, real, cold and heat, exterior aspects of each other begin to reconcile, improve skin quality. That is, if the body remain in a balanced state, the state will be good, if the balance is upset, the time is to governance. The nature of the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire six gas, under normal circumstances will not harm the human body, but abnormal climate change or lack of human righteousness, when the resistance drops, etc., six gas becomes pathogenic factors, and for the violation of human disease. Six gas TCM called “six evils”, “six evils” is the main risk factor exogenous disease. For beauty, the “six evils” was undoubtedly the worst hazards of thermal and wind evil evil, and evil worse than hot Feng Xie, Feng Xie often as a pilot because of the evils pathogenic, and face, hair, skin and other parts are exposed to the outside, long-term human activities in the sun, these parts most susceptible to heat evil invasion and disease, and heat evil invasion of the body most vulnerable to pathogenic wind attachment Meridian affect human blood to run, at the same time very easy of toxic hot into the blood, blood component heat blazing, causing many obstacle capacitive skin diseases. Rousing, detoxification, green beauty of Chinese medicine to follow the principle of a major beauty. Beauty theory of Chinese medicine that: various human body discharge toxins that pass key, holding a variety of in vivo biological conduit normal physiological function, so as to play a good role in detoxification. “General is not sick, sick is not” by conditioning the body functions in each duct, to detoxification smooth, so that Yin Pingyang secret, blood reconcile the five internal organs conditioning functions are normal. To facilitate the resolve, and the conversion of foreign body, endogenous variety of toxins, thus avoiding the occurrence of a variety of skin diseases, in order to achieve the effect of health and beauty. In beauty, for example, the traditional Chinese medicine theory that:. “To human health, the normal physiological state, face bright moist, delicate rosy face, is the human spirit, blood, body fluid filling and coordination of normal function of organs,” because the skin is the body detox One of the main pipeline, reflect the body’s state of health, when the body discharge pipe barrier, poor detoxification, the toxin will be present in the body, damage to various organs function, “There must be shaped within the various outside” skin as a body the largest organ, it is important detoxification pipeline, will also suffer. Detox channel is not smooth, it accumulates in the skin, make the skin dry produce such as acne, pigmentation, skin loses its elasticity and many other obstacle capacitive skin diseases.
In addition, delay skin aging, beauty is a systemic problem, because the skin’s healthy or not, always reflects the body’s health, general health situation is not good, the skin is of course not good, weak spirit wilt mill people Metropolitan haggard, form, color dull. Only do so adjust the functional state of the body, open body detoxification pipeline, so that the toxin is scheduled to be smooth and restore the normal function of the body’s balance, in order to make the skin healthy and moist. Green beauty principle with Chinese medicine, are first conditioning the intrinsic, then it will form the outside. To achieve facial cosmetic effect, it must enhance the human body.
Modern skin anatomy that: The skin is the body’s largest organ, the skin from the inside to the outside, respectively, by the stratum corneum, transparent layer, granular layer, basal layer composition. Connecting dermis epidermis, under the subcutaneous tissue connected to the skin is an important level. Intradermal only has hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other skin appendages and structure, but also rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerve endings.
Like the subcutaneous tissue and dermis derived no clear boundaries between interstitial, subcutaneous tissue and dermis, the connective tissue between the two are connected to each other. Subcutaneous tissue and deep fascia, muscle or periosteum key membrane connected. Subcutaneous tissue thickness, elasticity, due to location, gender, age, nutrition vary and are subject to endocrine regulation.
Skin physiology that: the base layer is the lowest layer of the epidermis, located above the spinous layer below the dermis by the basal cell and melanoma cells. Cylindrical basal cells, arranged in a single layer, it draws directly from the papillary dermis capillary nutrition, divisive reproductive capacity, it is the source of epidermal layers of the metabolism of the cells. Dendritic melanocytes, sparsely interspersed between basal cells, secretory function of melanin granules. Melanoma cells are able to absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet light incident to prevent the body, the body deep tissue damage. Outside ultraviolet stronger, more melanin cells secrete melanin granules. But when so melanin metabolism disorder, UV rays have led to all kinds of stains.
Skin physiology also said: fibrous connective tissue in the dermis were: reticular fibers, collagen fibers, elastic fibers. They guarantee a good flexibility and elasticity. Wherein the collagen fibers have a certain flexibility, since the anti-pull effect, elastic fibers have a certain flexibility, it can stretch through the skin after restitution. With age, mental depression, environmental pollution, the use of poor quality cosmetics, leather and other reasons to reduce the above-mentioned several fibers, skin elasticity, toughness decreases, wrinkles arise.
Skin absorption, skin, mainly through four ways to absorb external substances: the stratum corneum, hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands nozzle. The stratum corneum is an important way to skin absorption. The physical properties of the stratum corneum is quite stable, it is a complete surface of the skin permeable membrane is formed, under certain conditions, moisture, nutrients can freely pass through the cell membrane into the cell. In addition, to the small number of heavy metals and harmful chemicals diffuse into the skin through hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands sidewall dermis. Skin absorption capacity of the various types of substance to be absorbed and physicochemical properties of the object concerned. Fat-soluble substances more easily absorbed by the skin, in which the absorption capacity of the strongest animal fat, vegetable fat, followed by mineral oils worst. While the skin of all kinds of vitamins, trace elements, proteins have a certain absorption capacity, harmful heavy metals lead, mercury, arsenic, hydroquinone, etc. have the same absorption capacity. So the skin absorbs the cosmetics of lead, mercury and other metal elements, can cause poisoning, produce spots, rashes and other injuries, long-term repeated stimulation lead, mercury and other heavy metals, and penetrate into the lymph and capillaries, accumulated to a certain extent It will have serious cytotoxic, causing some of the incurable disease.
According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory about beauty and modern dermatology, green beauty skin care established principle: reject all chemical synthesis cosmetics, skin care and hair care using natural plants. Using the skin’s absorption capacity, to hinder capacitive skin diseases were rousing, heat detoxification, timely provide the necessary moisture and nutrients for the skin, so that the beauty of the consumer, from chemical contamination arising from the use of cosmetics, as well as get natural plant harmless nourishment, enjoy nature beauty gifts.