Stovepipe 6 tips:

1.More than one quick, more vertical jump, more leg; to sit less and less station, less squatting. This is to prevent lower limb blood circulation, make legs look swollen.
2 .In every possible time tiptoe, such as other car, on the stairs, etc. when working gap. The long run will find not only become slender leg, even extraordinarily slim ankles.

3 does not Rocker his legs – this will seriously affect the leg line.
4 less late at night. Lack of sleep can make the body’s metabolism slows down, the body of toxins and excess waste excreted difficult, so the leg edema obesity phenomenon.
5 diet. More bananas, beans, spinach, seaweed and other foods containing potassium, help the excess water from the body; eat sugary, too much salt foods to avoid fat accumulation and edema.
6 feet every day with warm water and massage for 5 minutes. It can effectively help relax the muscles and increase flexibility.