8 life make you lose weight coup five years younger

8 life make you lose weight coup five years younger .If  you want to show every part of the body youthful vigor, you need smarter ways. Small series offers eight wonderful small way, let you become younger from head to toe! Are you heart out? Please come with everyone getting younger now! Let you distribute confident woman charm!
1.1 Every day we must be sure to smile smile smile from the heart, is a fast-acting anti-aging agent, can inhibit stress hormones, promote blood circulation and nutrient absorption, its benefits will be the first time reflected in the skin, the skin more shiny and elastic, make you look radiant. 2.2. Every day wear sunscreen every day sunscreen sunscreen stick, especially those containing sunscreen moisturizing function, to help skin aging is very important. To try to avoid the most intense sunshine time out, the use of skin care products containing repair, reduce UV damage to skin cells. 3.3. DIY began to cultivate tea bath bath bath bath with green tea habit of it, just to like green tea bags thrown into the bathtub. Green tea has the same effect and sunscreen, can inhibit UV-induced free radicals, prevent cell aging. 4.4. Drink lemonade drink lemonade lemonade making simple, mainly in water and add lemon to two, allowing water port
Good sense of change, but also to help effective anti-aging of human cells. Because lemonade drinks are alkaline, can resist an acidic substance into the body damage to cells, regulating the balance of physiological environment. 5.5. With dark chocolate with dark chocolate sweets with sweets with sweets can give women happiness, help women relieve emotional stress. Many women worry about sweets will gain weight, it is recommended that you carry with black chocolate, and sweets to eat together, to reduce the intake of sweets, but also to promote fat burning, do both. 6.6. Be sure to stay away from tobacco must stay away from tobacco smoke, whether first-hand or second-hand smoke should stay away from, because tobacco damage to cells can not rely on cellular self-repair to save, not only the oxidation of blood, and will accelerate the speed of cell aging, It will make the blood vessels, poor blood circulation. 7.7. Eat Eat more olive oil olive olive oil not only can prevent fat oxidation, anti-aging help heart cells, and effectively prevent the sun leads to skin aging. So we try to put olive oil replaced in everyday cooking, make up their skin health from the inside out.