10 ways to lose weight effectively medals

Effective weight loss methods should be helpful to health, to develop these healthy habits long-term adherence, there will be a good harvest!
Action One: slowly and enjoy every bite of food

Slowly lady is not only a symbol, it is the weight loss tips. 20 next mouthful to chew, not only can eat happy, but you can feel the fun to eat.
Action II: the morning to drink a cup of warm water
Get up early to drink a cup of warm water, can clear the intestines, dilute the blood viscosity, lower blood pressure. Water is the best drink, drink 8 cups of water every day, you can speed up the metabolism, and can make the skin full of elasticity and gloss.
Action Three: Do not eat while watching television

Eat while watching television, although very laid-back, but it is easy to eat an excessive amount of food unconsciously.

Action four: Leave a small opening of the food in a bowl

After lunch, leaving a small opening in a bowl of food, then look at food the hearts of meditation: “I’ve been full Hello, really not eat any more.” To exercise restraint with the psychological desire to practice slowly, after not easy greedy Hello.
Action Five: compliance with 15:00 tea time
Do not eat all day, can not be very effective to achieve weight-loss effect, eating two or three soda crackers or fruit to add sugar in the blood at the time of 15:00, dinner can be prevented from eating too much.
Action Six: soup before meals, eat fruit
Chinese people are used to eating meal soup and fruit, in fact, is not good, this will only make your stomach is stretch, if the soup and eat the fruit on before meals, you can eat less when dining
Action Seven: eat rich breakfast

“Oh eat some breakfast!” This is not an ad, but really, do not think that skipping breakfast can lose weight, in fact, a sumptuous breakfast will make you have the spirit of times a day. Skipping breakfast will only consume your muscles instead of fat, but also make you groggy all day.

Action eight: to drink low-fat milk

Drink milk every day, really good, but wish to drink low-fat milk, because it is half the calories of whole milk, but calcium and protein are the same
Action Nine: Early brushing to avoid late night
Early evening brushing teeth, fresh breath will make you restrain not late night.
Action ten: 30 minutes massage after a bath
Evacuated a hot bath every day, you can relax tense nerves. After the hot water bath for 30 minutes is the best weight-loss opportunity sculpture in need of body parts in circular way smear with body sculpting cream, every 20 minutes, not only soothing effect, can effectively exfoliates