21 days weight loss success stories

21 days weight loss success stories
Below are three friends their complaints about the 21 days diet weight loss experience, where they are the ultimate winner. We can draw some weight loss experience. In their own way to lose weight closer.
21 days diet Case I: 21 days minus 15.5 pounds
Use this method to my friend lost 20 pounds, I reduced 16 pounds, and found to have changed the bad habit of overeating. If the problem because the physical changes and own or three days before fasting, then can not be completely appropriate to eat something to drink himself to be, but the effect is not as good as strictly do better.
Add this: Stage 2 I often drink skim milk (250 ml heat is 82 cards), it feels good, too. 21 days to talk about the side effects of diet: 1,2 stage before may appear weak, the phenomenon of occasional dizziness, skin color also badly (of course, is based on personal constitution is concerned, I have three days before fatigue, poor skin, 2nd color on stage feeling good-looking, but in good spirits), but Phase 3 can be improved, and more handsome face up.
After 21 days, as long as a balanced diet to maintain body weight should be no problem. I have the greatest harvest is no longer overeating, the desire for food a lot smaller, and sometimes even suspect that they will not get anorexia, hee hee, a joke. However, better than all day long always want to eat better.
The first stage (114 to 116) 120–115 minus 5 pounds
The second stage (117 to 1114) 115–108.5 minus 6.5 pounds
The third phase (1115 – 1124) 108.5–104.5 minus 4 pounds
Total Total Less: 15.5 pounds
21 days diet Case II: 21 days lose weight 19 pounds
21 days to lose weight 21 days of hardships, 21 days of insistence, finally succeeded to get rid of 19 pounds of fat! Now 94 pounds, 162CM. Sisters trying to lose weight is not so difficult, nothing is impossible.
I first stage is to drink boiled water, the other nothing to drink. . I worry for tea stomach irritation, afraid to drink honey water weight loss affected. . Because I was determined not to cheat in any case 21 days to the most rigorous method to perform a 21, three days before the day, many still feel thirsty to drink water, inside the mouth with a touch of bitterness. . . Overall stick down the first three days it is still relatively easy. Minus 6 pounds.
Stage 2 on a day early, middle and late each a small dish of boiled vegetables, a fruit each morning and afternoon. Minus 7 pounds. Stage 3 try to eat at night, usually fruit instead. (Very hard to stage 2 when they are feeling they are a little anorexia, the desire for food is not strong.) But still feel that 21 days harvest a lot, at least change my eating habits. This phase minus 6 pounds.
21 days diet Case 3: 21 days lose weight 20 pounds
I cut three days before the 6 pounds, three days before the fact, not particularly tough, I had a very easy first day nothing to eat, drink eight cups of green tea (mm can according to their preferences, rose, chrysanthemum, green tea , cassia, tea, etc., are all good

Slimming tea Oh ~ ~).
The next morning the reaction is not, in the afternoon to see the roommate relish gnawing chicken really a bit much, but still insist on living, as usual, drinking eight cups of green tea.
On the third day the body was feeling very empty, my bedroom on the sixth floor, the distinct feeling that walk, so I chose to go to bed, as usual, drank 8 glasses of water. Roommate at eating seeds and eating the Department of films, I said to myself the last day, we must insist on living! …… Hee hee, three days had passed! A little happiness, but lost 6 pounds, think it is quite worth it.
Middle 8 days by 8 pounds, the fourth day I was actually looking forward to for a long time, since three days without eating, and then I like to see Apple is so excited to find the source of life in the desert. That day I ate three apples, early, middle and late one (night at 5:00 to eat, do not eat before going to bed to ensure that any dd, do not drink water before going to bed two hours ~ ~) Apple meals a day had passed ~ ~ very satisfied!
The fifth, sixth day and the fourth day as I ate apple meal ~~ seventh, eight, nine for three days, three days eating cucumber, tomatoes plus a daily (Supplementary vc). Tenth, eleventh day of the morning to eat a tomato, noon evening each eat two cucumbers. Middle eight days on this end.
After 10 days I lost 5 pounds j, eight days after a nice very smooth and easy, no special need to pay attention to diet, I eat three meals a day on time, appetite 6 into a full, five hours before going to sleep not enter any food . Of course, this period is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, every day before going to bed a grain of aloe powder! Because I am a strictly enforced 21 days to lose weight and do not have any cheating, so my weight from 108 to 88 21 days ago, Oh, happy! Now in great shape, no belly bulge, looks very well-proportioned body, his face fleshy are gone! I do not have time for this exercise too! Envy, right? Do not hesitate, after 21 days, you are also beautiful!
Although the hard way to lose weight, as long as perseverance, beauty ultimately belongs to you.