Three sports let your legs become more beautiful and sexy

1. Yoga: Webster Knoop training areas: the elimination of thigh and side waist fat and hip next two tendons to relax. Action: left lateral position, Qu left elbow, his head resting on the palm, body in a straight line; raised his right leg, right hand grasping the left toe; breath, straighten the right arm and leg, the two vertical 2, bungee deep squatting training areas: the front thigh muscles, hip action: standing, legs apart as wide or slightly wider than shoulder width, slam the rubber band, rubber band holding the upper body upright, the handle resting on the shoulder (with friction in the shoulder pad sports towels), squat, repeated movements. It should be noted: squat to the thigh level to the ground level, the upper body as upright upright, do not lean forward. Quantity: 30 to 35 times for each group, a total of 3 sets. 3, Boxing Training site: thigh action: upright back leg raise, pay attention to the upper body upright, one hand up, one hand on her hips, tighten the buttocks, forced back legs lifted. Repeatedly performed.