The pros and cons of various types of weight loss methods

The pros and cons of various types of weight loss methods to lose weight a liposuction principle: in need of liposuction sites to open a small mouth, the liposuction tube inserted into the fat layer, then use negative pressure liposuction machine to suck out the fat. Advantages: immediate impact, want to reduce pumping directly there where the best body shape. Cons: There are some pain, there is a certain risk, be careful when you restore parts of the body easily lead to uncoordinated. Because the reduction is one area, such as the reduction of the stomach smaller, but also other parts of the fat after surgery also wear tights, recovery will take more than a month. Patients need regular massage, or local skin becomes less smooth because it does not address the root causes you to gain weight, and therefore easy to rebound. In addition, experts say, liposuction just sucked subcutaneous fat, visceral fat still in, Therefore, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Principle two drugs to lose weight: diet pills are divided into three categories. One is an appetite suppressant, through inhibition of the central nervous system, so you do not want to eat; one is to accelerate excretion, said direct point is that you have diarrhea, dehydration caused by man; the other is to help burn fat and calories agents, the energy you consume every day greatly increased, and eat the grease discharge. Advantages: relatively quick way to lose weight without dieting, easy to take. Disadvantages: once the withdrawal, weight rebound potential like divine intervention. Moreover, three-drug, long-term weight-loss drugs, adverse effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular, kidney, etc. will. So far, the world is still not found an effective tool for weight loss and body without any adverse drug reactions. Three acupuncture weight loss principle: through the needle to stimulate acupuncture points, adjust the body’s metabolism and endocrine function, promote lipolysis, while inhibiting gastrointestinal motility and gastric acid secretion, alleviate hunger. Pros: has been hailed as the most “green” way to lose weight, weight loss and endocrine meridians while conditioning. As long as the regular large hospitals acupuncture, it is quite safe and reliable. Disadvantages: Chinese pay attention to conditioning, so the effect of acupuncture to lose weight slowly. Meanwhile, acupuncture also according to constitution, different points on different physical tie. High technical requirements, need to find reliable medical institutions starvation diet four principles: one is to reduce food intake, reject staple food and carbohydrates, eat fruits, vegetables or soups, a word is to try to eat or not eat; another. One category is to pull food law, that is, after eating at the food spit advantage: No technological shortcomings on the line as long as there is perseverance: diet sounds very “natural” in fact very dangerous. Cause malnutrition, metabolic rate, anemia, decreased immunity, poor concentration, skin laxity is not shiny and so on. Although the obvious weight loss, but it is easy to rebound, because eating less during dieting, the body will automatically adjust to protect the body increase the absorption in the rebound after a normal meal may be faster, more fat a diet very long time lead to anorexia, When the going gets to eat all five exercise to lose weight principle: increase the basal metabolic rate through exercise, burn body fat fast, weight control. Advantages: lose weight at the same time, but also improve heart and lung function, prevention of cardiovascular disease, it is healthy and effective way to lose weight.

Disadvantages: Not all sports have a slimming effect. After high-intensity exercise, blood sugar levels will be reduced, make good appetite, accidentally, will eat food calories consumed exceed calories during exercise. The short-term movement, such as dance aerobics, duration of only about one hour or so, then just begin to break down fat, you have to stop the movement, so how weight loss. There are quick explosive movements, get exercise is mainly white muscle fiber, such fiber cross-sectional coarse, lose weight with this method, only the more practice the more strong. Even after the campaign properly, reached the ideal weight, it does not mean that weight loss has done. Once movement is stopped, it will get fat again. Only long-standing campaign to stay in shape. Six cut stomach Weight loss principle: normal stomach capacity is about 1000 to 1200 cubic centimeters, and done this surgery, the stomach capacity is only 20 to 30 cubic centimeters. It is to let you exhaust and intake is less than consumption. Currently, some parts of the country this surgery has emerged, but already very popular in Japan and Europe. Advantages: certainly obviously lose weight, but studies have shown that the incidence of fatty liver after surgery decreased from 82% to 3%, hyperlipidemia prevalence decreased from 72% to 5%, the incidence of hypertension decreased from 46% to 5%. Disadvantages: This surgery is considered the treatment of obesity, “the last therapy.” Surgery requires general anesthesia, there is a certain risk, easy to cause stomach damage. Furthermore, since the stomach is reduced, through food may not get the vitamins and minerals to meet the physical needs, we need to add some extra vitamins. In addition, he is after all the body to injury, the future If you want to restore a certain degree of difficulty seven instrument weight loss principle: one is used for large-scale equipment within beauty salons, sucked by a vacuum sucker fat accumulation at low current slowly massage, vibration, help muscle movement, to clear the lymphatic channels, eliminate toxins, eliminate excess fat effect. Another is hot worked in TV direct sales programs rejection of fat. Through the current vibration, crushed arms, waist, legs and other parts of the fat obesity. Advantages: for fear of hardship lazy family. Disadvantages: requires a lot of money and time, and now there are eight lotus controversial quote + aerobic exercise to lose weight lose weight principle:… The main component of thin paste of lotus leaf extract, in which the patch from the backing layer, the gel layer, anti- adhesive layers. Patch layer made of a hydrophilic polymer gel polymer has a good ability to convert the function and the ability to absorb large amounts of water hidden form of swelling crosslinked state semi-solid gel as a carrier, mixing natural plant oils (lotus leaf oil) and other auxiliary materials. A, restore the body’s normal metabolism; B, regulate the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas function; C, regulate endocrine disorders, hormone secretion is not normal; D, activate body fat activity, accelerate lipolysis E, prevent the body’s absorption of fat, accelerate fat burning. Advantages: No side effects do not rebound, Cons: There is no customer feedback What are the disadvantages!